Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2010

Faster Than Anyone Else...

...Are Lou and Nici. Because after this huge fight they had in front of the whole school in the middle of the lobby they seem to re-unite step-by-step. How I know that? Well I don't, but since I've seen them talking again today and yesterday I guess it kinda works. Lou has to work on it. But come on, I'm fair, let's not ALL blame it on Lou ;) Everyone in this Society seems to have some issues at the moment. My tip: Clear this up before everybody's gone to somewhere in the world, where you can't make up anymore.


Freitag, 18. Juni 2010

Slowly but surely!

We can see: Ann has beaten her bulimia!

She (and of course Merilyn) was seen in one of Antoins sweet little cafes @ Moonsoonstreet, drinking some coffes, eating some hot croissants and of course reading this blog.
The fact everyone was talking about: Ann beat her bulimia!!! Her body wasn't that thin, her face looked healthy and she seems to have fun all the time. And now, 'cause I can't gossip about her body anymore I'll gossip about the reasons for her bulimia. Some say it was because her parents were nearly splitten, some say it was because she was unluckyly in love and some say it was because she isn't as rich and popular as everyone else in the Society. Well I have to admit, I don't really know but I think it was something of everything.


Reunion of Friends...

...that's what we NEVER expected. Cat and Rachel seem to be re-united after some strange happenings!!!
Lou seems to clasp Cat in Rachels arms by re-becoming BFFs with Mary again. I told you that's the reason why Nici "hates" Lou now.
Well Lou has to be careful if she doesn't want to loose Cat.

The lates news:
Rachel and Pearl hate Zoe, Mary and Caitlyn because they united with Hazel. It's just some weeks before some of us will leave for Europe, New Zeeland or Australia and now the friendships play tag.
Well, well we can be lucky about Cat and Nici's friendship because this friendship is still alive and we don't know whether Cat and Lou's will stand all this drama with Mary, lies, intrigues and feuds.


Mittwoch, 9. Juni 2010

A storm is coming and it will be worser than ever before!

This storm, I announce on the top will be the !BEEF! of the year.

I don´t know whether Lou was going to far out on a limb with her strange new-old-flash BFF Mary. Nici never was her BFF like Cat but now she seems to chop of Lou. And her friendship with Amanda is on the rocks too. Cat seems to be her only (female) friend at the moment. But if I think about Nicis reasons for a while I think I would understand her.

It´s just the fact Lou forgives WAY to fast (anyway some people (Rachel, Cat, Nici, Lisa Marie, Jason etc.) think so) and she NEVER thought about the possibility Mary, Zoe and Caitlyn could hurt her again. Well anyone else did and we all think they will, but although she should make her own decisions, I mean she is old enough to know thinks like this AND she will be in europe for 6 month until the summer vacations so she´ll have enough time to think about all this later. (If it isn´t to late then)
But back to Nicis reasons for her anger about Lou. Nici doesn´t like to be displaced, she hates the possibility of beeing just a consolation for Mary, Zoe and Caitlyn, though I think she and Cat were. Well she also don´t likes the way Lou treats her and Cat before she went to San Francisco with this mysteriouse guy (btw. he was seen near the Great Bridge together with Mary...). This aren´t all the reasons but my spies worked very hard for these so I gave them some days off.

We will see how this will go one...I know it will stay exciting!


Montag, 7. Juni 2010

Boys Or Girls?

When girls fight it's most of the time about boys...but this time Lou seemed to know what's more important. You can have any boy you want anytime..but a real friend is rare. Luckily this time she made the right decision.
Background: Remember the kiss Mary gave someone while still being with Jim? Well that guy was Lou's mysterious lover. But he kissed her as I heard and after a lot of trouble, missunderstandings and tears the girls talked and Lou said the right words: "No matter what, our friendship is WAY more important than some stupid guy who kisses taken girls"
Well Lou this time I gotta say, nice job.
Who needs a player? Lou doesn't, because she knows what's important.

Good Luck Lou, I hope it was the right decision...or maybe I don't

Because if it wasn't I know there'll be something to write about soon ;D


NEWS 2.0!!

Hey is this really little J?? The girl who promised, she would never fall in love with anyone? Yes it is. But the most important question is: who is this milksop next to her? Well as always I have the answer. This is Marian a guy, who is in Julies school class. He is in the soccer team even if he is just 14 Years old. He likes italian food, classic music but he is also a huge fun of Jay-Z. His mother is a greek opera singer and his Dad is a canadian soccer star, who plays for the Rosings Hill soccer team @ the first division.
Well this doesn't sound so bad Julie, does it?



It seems to be a curse. Lou's curse!

It doesn't matter whom Lou gave her's always broken when she gets it back. Her new mysterious friend leave her after the San Francisco visited last weekend and now she is all alone in her big apartment and feels empty.


After a party near the forest Byron drove his car against a tree. Of course he was drunk, that's why noone called the police. Byron is okay and was @ school today but his car is junk now. Today everybody laughed about him and his stupidity.

Missed Chance!

Our little Cat missed a big chance. Ed is back in Englang this week because his grand aunt died and this morning Lou and Nici told her everything they know about Ed and now Cat knows he is her prince charming. Even if he is such a big creep. Little Cat let me give you an advice: Opposites attract !

The Tears of Sorrow!

Well, well Mary! You have been away for just 5 days and though you cheated on your poor boy-friend Jim! We can't beleave it! But one of my spies told me you cried all night and day long because you were so sorry because of this: KISS! Don't worry if he really loves you he'll understand this tears of sorrow!